Twitter account suspended

Aw man.  I got hacked (or something) and an obviously spam message got posted in my twitter feed. Of course, I've had my account suspended, pending investigation. I should be back up within a month, according to twitter. I don't know whether the error is twitter's or mine, but needless to say every place where I used the same password as for twitter has been changed, just in case. All in all, not as painful as it might have been, I guess!


  1. Dislike! :( That sucks. I'll miss you in the tweets, man.

  2. boo! stupid more messages at work :( grump!

  3. Cj Richard says:

    Ah what D: I'll start a #justiceforcai petition or something :(

  4. Thanks guys! :) I'll totally make up for lost time when I'm back...

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