How to remove "+1" icons from Google search results

Having apparently abandoned former principles of simplicity and unintrusiveness, Google now punishes account holders by sticking coloured icons next to every Google search result and, worse, animating them on a mouse-over of the result.  Obnoxious!  There currently seems to be no setting to remove these that I could find, but I figured a way to use AdBlock to hide them away.  If you have AdBlock installed on your browser, simply add:[class="esw eswd esws"][class="esw eswd eswh"][class="esw eswd"]

to your custom filters.  There, somewhat cleaner search results!

Edit: Now you also need to add:[class="gbil esw eswd"][class="gbil esw eswd esws"][class="gbil esw eswd eswh"]

Edit: OK, I found another way to fix this.

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