How to fix the "1.5l issue" on a Morphy Richards 131004 hot water dispenser

In this very long post, I describe my process of repairing a kitchen appliance.

I explain in excessive narrative detail (a) to provide an amateur how-to guide for someone else who might have the exact same issue with this exact same model and (b) to generally encourage people: try and fix your broken stuff! It can sometimes actually be done, and you really don't need to be an expert or even particularly skilled! To be real for a second: if in a few decades we want to be living in a world where we can have things like kitchen hot water dispensers ordered from the internet, we're going to have to get comfortable fixing them now because as I've said previously, extractive growth capitalism in 2022's current form is simply incompatible with that future. But we can probably still have nice things if we make them to last, make them repairable (ideally user-repairable), and make them sustainably.

I'm not an expert, so probably did this repair in an unnecessarily difficult and painful way. But the important thing is, that doesn't matter! My intended audience for this is someone who maybe has never attempted to repair anything electrical before, beyond perhaps changing a fuse.