Mail link to current Safari page in Mac OS 10.8 with a keyboard shortcut

In Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple removed the Email link to this page option in Safari, replacing it with Share > Email this page, which places the entire contents of the page into the email, images and all.

Sometimes this isn't what you want, though.  Sometimes just a link is best.

I've written a short AppleScript to perform the old "just a link" function, and will explain how to make it run from within Safari using a customisable key command.

Actually, funny story.  While messing around, I discovered an undocumented keyboard shortcut which does this.  It's ⇧⌘I. This completely obviates the need for the script I wrote, but I'll keep the instructions here, incase reading about moving data between Safari and Mail using AppleScript is something you'd find useful.

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Fix the Photoshop CS4 layer-dragging crash bug in Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion

This has been plaguing me for a while since I updated to Mac OS 10.8. Dragging layers in the layers palette of Photoshop CS4 would cause an immediate crash to desktop. Finally found a solution in this thread which worked.

Solution: turn off the OS power-saving graphics switching.

It's the checkbox at the top of the Energy Saving preference pane:

Mac OS 10.8 Energy Saving preference pane

You'll need to ensure that it's unchecked and probably restart after that.

Now I can drag layers all day long.