Ed Brayton's new podcast

I was delighted yesterday to discover that Ed Brayton, who used to host one of my all-time favourite political podcasts, Declaring Independence Radio, has recently started hosting a new show: Culture Wars Radio.

Declaring Independence was a show predominantly about American law and politics. It was constantly fascinating, with episodes being mostly interview with experts in constitutional law, civil liberties, police misconduct and such; interspliced with commentary and lighthearted discussion of current events. What I liked most about it was that Ed Brayton never shied away from getting right down to the tiniest details of case law and history, discussing the minutiae of various cases with his guests and drawing on his huge knowledge of American civil liberties law to get the best out of his guests. Also his staunch non-partisanism, hatred of hypocrisy and demagoguery, and willingness to harshly criticise Obama and the Democrats (while still poking fun at right-wing loonies).

Ed Brayton is an American political journalist, editor and development director of the American Independent News Network, and seems to specialise in civil liberties law. He seems to get particularly fired up about education, separation of church and state, and transparency and accountability in government. He has a general left-libertarian viewpoint. I don't agree with him on everything, but he's very knowledgable about law, and hella smart. To quote erstwhile acquaintance of mine, Seth Manapio, he is "a goddam genius".

I looked hard for somewhere online for old episodes of Declaring Independence to link here, because they're all really worth a listen, but it seems to have evaporated. I've got 74 old episode as mp3s if anyone's really keen. [Edit: find them here.]

The new show, Culture Wars Radio, only has a few episodes out so far, and I've only listened to the first two of them, but it looks to be much along the same lines as Declaring Independence, which is fantastic as far as I'm concerned.

I strongly recommend checking it out, if you've any interest in civil liberties law, American politics or just deep and informed yet intelligible political discussion.


  1. craig says:

    Thanks for this! I knew he had a new radio show/podcast, but when I had looked up 'Ed Brayton' in the itunes store there was only other shows he had been on (Reasonable Doubts being one of those. Which is a great show). But, by typing in 'culture wars radio' his new radio show/podcast showed up. Thanks again!

    1. Cai says:

      Cool! Glad my post lead you to the right place :) I will definitely check out Reasonable Doubts - I thought the name sounded familiar and then a quick search tells me it's co-hosted by Jeremy Beahan, Ed Brayton's co-host from Declaring Independence. Just downloading some of them now...

  2. Sam Shrader says:

    Hello, any chance you'd be willing to share your copies of the old podcast? Thanks!

    1. Cai says:

      I don't know if I'm ok to post them on the open Net, but... I guess I am? I mean, they were all free and available when I downloaded them originally from the feed and I assume they just lapsed rather than being specifically removed.

      Ok, I'll put up a mirror soon and link to it here.

      1. Cai says:

        Holy crap, it's like 5GB of mp3s. This may take a while...

    2. Cai says:

      Yo, I put the files here.

  3. Sam Shrader says:

    Thank you for sharing, this will definitely make night shifts at the data center go by a little faster :)

    1. Cai says:

      No problem. Glad to hear it :)

  4. Cai says:

    People reading this page might be interested to know that Ed's back on the radio: http://cai.zone/2018/06/ed-brayton-back-on-the-air/

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